Work with a marketing partner who makes it simple to make returns on your investment. Being an innovator in electronic claims processing means AlphaScrip has more than 20 years’ experience processing sample voucher and rebate card claims. Another advantage of being an AlphaScrip partner is that we have a proven record combined with expert knowledge which ensure client programs run seamlessly so to be cost and service effective. Read more about our industry leading claims processes below.

As an active member of the NCPDP (National Council of Prescription Drug Programs), we cooperate with fellow members to address issues related to the processing standards of sample and rebate vouchers. Below are a few key details about AlphaScrip’s programs.

  • Sample vouchers and co-pay discount care are accepted at all pharmacies throughout the U.S and Puerto Rico; including all major retail chains.
  • Data warehousing is not outsourced to a third party. AlphaScrip stores it all on our own servers.
  • All data management and claims processes comply with HIPAA standards and employees receive HIPAA training annually.
  • Operations are SAS-70 compliant, and are audited to test operational controls.
  • AlphaScrip provides support to both pharmacies and patients.

Sample Voucher Claims Submission Process

Step-1: Physician writes Rx and provides trial voucher.
Step-2: Primary claim for the trial product submitted to AlphaScrip.
Step-3: Claim adjudicated, reimbursing pharmacist for product dispensed; claim paid-messaging along with the reimbursement rate sent to pharmacist.
Step-4: Pharmacist dispenses product at no cost to patient.

Copay Discount Card Claims Submission Process

Step-1: Physician writes Rx and provides rebate materials
Step-2: Primary claim submitted to insurance provider
Step-3: Claim adjudicated and claim-paid-messaging – along with required co-pay sent to pharmacist
Step-4: Secondary claim for rebate amount submitted to AlphaScrip
Step-5: Claim adjudicated, paying the lower of either the co-pay or rebate amount; claim-paid messaging, along with any remaining required co-pay, sent to pharmacist.

Contact or Pharmacies:

7am-10pm (Central Time): 1-877-274-3244

Contact for Patients:

8am-6pm (Mountain Time) through our toll free line: 1-800-274-3244
We are committed to using the most secure data management and processing standards along with operational and service standards. See an outline of our processes below.