Other Strategic Services

Nationwide Pharmacy

If your brand is looking for a distribution partner or faces distribution challenges, AlphaScrip can provide the solutions with unparalleled service to help support your brand. AlphaScrip has partnered with a brand first nationwide pharmacy to provide a wide range of dispensing and enhanced patient services to solve prescription dispensing challenges.

Compound Pharmacy Programs

Over the past several years AlphaScrip has administered a number of program offerings for some of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States. This experience allows us to structure the right program to drive prescription fills and retain customers.


Through its stand-alone investment vehicle, AlphaScrip looks to deploy capital in a variety of healthcare related businesses. From seed capital forward, AlphaScrip’s investment professionals will consider both strategic and non-strategic investment within the healthcare services sector.

AlphaScrip Auditing Services

As the size, expense and complexity of voucher and co-pay programs has risen significantly over the last 25 years, AlphaScrip’s unique position as the creator of the industry provides manufactures viability and insight into their program’s effectiveness and compliance. Using proprietary time-tested and highly reliable auditing processes, AlphaScrip can perform an extensive evaluation of administrative compliance with contractual obligations and plan documentation. The audit process includes a comprehensive review of administrative systems, processes, practices and procedures for accuracy, timeliness, and proper application of plan protocols.

Mobile Applications and Development

AlphaScrip has built a number software services that can issue co-pay cards and deliver customized messaging via various mobile platforms. Integrated with location services, the AlphaScrip platform can support your brand’s mobile strategy, and can be integrated with company or agency development.

AlphaScrip Prescription Discount Card

AlphaScrip can leverage its nationwide pharmacy network and provide an innovative solution for the uninsured or under-insured patient population by providing a prescription discount on all branded medications. AlphaScrip is open to providing both a branded or private label solution to provide a prescription discount for uninsured patients.